Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wow! Jerry is 8!

I wish I would have kept up with journaling on here!  Jerry turned 8 on May 16th and is doing really well!  He is NEVER tired!  He loves is karate class and is now a green belt (I think that is the 5th?).  He is finishing 2nd grade.  He is very smart as seen by his test scores in standardized testing and by his wit and sense of humor.  The kid is constantly funny and making us laugh always!  Is emotionally very mature and can talk so well about people should treat other people.  He is somewhat shy in groups and still intimidated some because of his small size.  People that do not know him well have NO IDEA how funny and smart he really is!  I think as he gains confidence in himelf this will be more evident.  He was on Growth Hormone for several months and the change was amazing in increasing his appetite, his height, and his endurance.  He had to stop the shots because of a insurance denial but we are working through that and he should be back on it soon.  We pray for continued growth for him and for good news at his cardiology appointment in August!!

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