Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Exam!

Jerry's heart looks better than we or the doctors expected!  His EKG was completely normal which we never really expected and his scar tissue around his heart is resolved.  At a certain point they told us that it had stopped changing and would probably be permanent.  This is such really great news!  However, there are still some parts of his heart that they cannot see clearly on the echo.  That is why he will have a heart cath  next year.  I guess sometimes the scar tissue there can be an interference and can also change with his growth and puberty.  Sometimes kids are fine and need no meds for a time but then need them again later.  An MRI is another way to look at his heart but not usually as good for small kids.  Since Jerry is having an MRI for his pituitary at the end of September, the cardiologist thinks they might tack on a heart MRI as well.    I told them that I do not think he would be intubated for the pituitary but fully under anesthesia.  He would for sure need intubated to do the heart MRI.  Interesting that Jerry's improved heart matches my observations.  He has not done that strange breathing thing in a long time and also has not been sweating like he used to.  He is pretty good with his endurance with running and riding his bike!  We just watch him sometimes (even doing nothing!) and smile!  Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers!  Amazing things have happened for Jerry!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates for Cardiology and Growth Testing

Jerry has his cardiology appointment on Friday.  Hopefully the results will be that his heart is stable.  I am sure he will show all the scar tissue around his heart since we do not expect that to go away.  If anything, I am less worried about his heart because he appears to be sweating so much less now and does not do this strange hard breathing thing he used to do quite often.  Of course, there is always a little nervousness about them finding something has gotten worse since there are often no signs of this.

Jerry is scheduled for an MRI of his brain to look at his pituitary in September.  Some kids that don't make growth hormone have a pituitary that is too small or in the wrong place.  We have to be at main campus CC at 7 am.  He will be given an oral medication to sedate him somewhat and then breath anesthetic through a mask (could be tricky) to fully be asleep.  Then they will put the IV in and he will not feel it.  He will be asleep at least an hour and a half.  He should not have to have a ventilator but if he is having any trouble they will put one in.  The other growth hormone testing with IV and shots was supposed to somehow be combined with this but I have not gotten a call back on how this will work.  I have a feeling that they won't be able to do it.  If he is going to need hormone shots every day my hope is that they can just figure that out from the MRI so we don't have to go through more testing.  The anesthesia scares me a little for Jerry because he is so small.  It will be so good for it to be over.

I think Isaac grew maybe a half an inch but his appointment with endocrinology is at the end of September.  He has not had any further chest pains but we will be watching for that with fall soccer and gym class.

John is working hard with interviews and I hope closer to finding the perfect job so we can buy a house.  It is a year today that we moved in with my mom and I never would have guessed it would be this long!!!  Hopefully, by December if not sooner we will be finished with all this testing, living in our own house and on with the next adventure!