Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who needs sleep?

I guess with the energy JJ is getting from food now he thinks he doesn't need to sleep. He has not slept a near normal night or nap since 2 days after the hospital stay. He was good for a few days after and then started waking up every 15 min to every hour every night. Then he had that tummy flu so we figured that was it and recovering and getting his normal eating back. STILL is not sleeping. He is fine with his new schedule...runs around happy as can be all day. The rest of us...not so happy. John and I take night him and the next me. I am not exaggerating when I say how often he gets up. Usually he does have a few hour spurt and wakes up around midnight the first time and then every 15 min to an hour screaming. Often he goes right back to sleep but not always. The closer to morning, say starting at 4am or so, he just keeps insisting that he is done sleeping and he really doesn't sleep after this even though we won't let him get up until 6:30. We mostly think he is just not wanting to be alone in his room but have other ideas that could contribute since he really shouldn't be waking up that often to demonstrate the anxiety of being alone. Sometimes he is just having about the Barney theme song. He was singing that and crying one night over and over.

Tonight we decided to try motrin to see if it helps because sometimes we do get the feeling with his first scream upon waking that something is strange or hurting him. If it did not work then tomorrow we were going to try moving Isaac into his room and see if that helps him. But tonight with tuck in he said he was going to puke. I mostly dismissed him but sure enough a little bit later he did. So now all bets are off for tonight. Isaac went to bed with a bad headache and not feeling well. Ahhhh, here we go again.

Cardiology appointment scheduled for Friday. Even though we are usually sure his heart is fine and stable there will always be this lingering fear that the possible will come true...a set back, a change with big growth spurts. It's always good to have some things run and talk to the cardiologist to reassure us.