Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good-bye Chicago...

last ride on the train to downtown

Watching our last Chicagoland parade

The fountain at Navy Pier

From the ferris wheel at Navy Pier

Yes, it's a somewhat sad good-bye to Chicago as we pack to move to Cleveland. John accepted a new job with T-Mobile. It is quite a good move for us financially and for John's career. We are also happy to be getting back to family and to have some help when things get tough with illness and sleepless nights with the kids. Dates for John and I will be easier and all around it is for sure the right thing to do. Still, we will miss Chicago, our town of Oswego, and all of our friends who have been so great, church friends, and our doctors. I don't want it to be a final good bye and hopefully we will be back for some visits (please help motivate us here...invite us back!). Isaac is especially close to his friends here. We are moving on the 30th of this month. We have known for about a month but I couldn't post for a while because we didn't want the word out to Office Max before we were ready (Karen, one of our followers). Then it has been just non stop busy. Here are a few pictures of what is our last trip to the Chicago air least from Oswego. We have gone most years and always have the best time that I insisted we fit it in even with all the packing we have to do! My mom is here helping us and we actually will be moving in with her until our house sells.

A little Jerry update... He has been eating really well (for him, almost normal picky toddler) consistently for the last few months. We have made a lot of break throughs recently! It is pretty evident that his heart does work so much harder than it should. He sweats so much and so easily, gets pretty pale at times, and tires easily especially with outdoor play. Here and there he is really active for longer time period, so we see that too. We have an appointment at Cleveland Clinic on November 9th. We are bracing ourselves for the usual fall and winter full of illnesses but know it will be so much better with family, especially grandmas, to help out!

Oops! I always think I can take sideways videos like pictures! Jerry was a trip dancing and watching his moves. I caught him late, but he had been looking behind him to see if he had his tushy moving to the right rythym!

So this post has taken me all week to write! And I should be packing! The videos seem to not be working for some reason but hopefully it is a blog site problem that gets resolved. Thanks for following us and stay tuned to see if we are still sane by the time the moving truck pulls away!