Friday, April 12, 2013

Prayers Needed for Kym Ella

Hi friends.  Recently, I have been in contact with Monica who has a baby named Kim Ella with ALCAPA.  Another story of misdiagnosis.  Fortunately, her mother persisted and took her to a second doctor and she had her surgery to correct ALCAPA.  Kim Ella has a lot of damage to her heart and the scar tissue is blocking her artery even after this first surgery.  She is in Cleveland but now talking to Cincianatti about anothe surgery.  She is on 14 medications like Jerry was at one time.  Please pray for her and send your best thoughts.

P.S.  Jerry will be 5!!!!  on May 16th.  He still wears a lot of 24 month clothes and we have an endocronologist appointment the first week of May.  He is playing soccer with 4 and 5 year olds and will be on a T-ball team too.  He is doing private gymnastics (we had a welcome wagon for one month free) and he loves it.  It is amazing how much stronger and confident he has gotten in this short time.  He seems to be doing well since that last episode that worried us, although he has been sick so much with fevers and strange viruses.

Remember KYM ELLA!

Thank you and thanks for keeping up with Jerry!