Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strange Episode

Hi everyone!  We are doing great in our new house and love our neighborhood.  It was amazing today with the nice weather watching the boys run around out side with so many new friends.  The boys have been really pretty healthy this year compared to the past so we are really enjoying that.  Jerry did have influenza and gave it to me despite flu shots.  Isaac I think got it too but not too bad because he had been on the tamiflu.

The other day Jerry surprised us with an episode that now we think must be related to his heart.  He was running around playing with some kids that were over.  They were playing some kind of game that involved running around and screaming!  Jerry suddenly stopped and went to the couch and laid down.  He said he didn't feel good.  He looked really pale, his heart was pounding and he was super sweaty.  He tried to get up and play again after a bit but then started crying and laid back down.  This went on for about 30 minutes until he seemed mostly better and we took off to go to Isaac's fun fair at his school.  Jerry was okay in the car but then fell asleep on John when he was carrying him in.  he woke up and said he wanted to play but then started crying and saying his head hurt and he was still tired.  He eventually threw up several times in the waste basket and then fell asleep again for a few minutes.  He woke up and then improved and was fine ever since.  I was hoping it was a virus but obviously not.  We will just have to keep note of this and watch how he does running with all the big kids outside as the weather gets nicer.  Both kids have endocrinology appointments and cardiology appointments in the spring.  That's all for now.  Thanks for checking in with us with emails!  Pictures soon?  I think I have been saying that for a year or more!  Time is flying and life is busy!