Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a little update and ALMOST 3!!

Knee surgery went well. I recovered really quickly but just recently seem to be having a set back...probably just over did it. I don't like the extra pounds from my inactivity!

Jerry seems to be doing pretty well lately. No illness since the antibiotic a month or so ago. Usually in the last few weeks he seems to be breathing well, has good endurance, and is eating OK. However, he does sometimes sweat an abnormal amount. He is drenched in sweat since this am with 70 degrees. This week I should hear from someone at Cincinnati about when Dr. Towbin will be able to consult with us. When he seems really well, I secretly imagine that he is cured...despite how impossible this really is. He has an endocrinologist appointment coming up as a follow up from last year. This is just to rule out other causes for his smallness. He needs blood work before we go...not looking forward to that!

We finally have him now on lactose free milk from the carton!! No more formula shaking! It is a little cheaper too...but not much.

Jerry is SO funny!! I think for my own journaling I will have to reflect and write the funniest quotes from the year (or the past month because that is probably all I remember!) I will do this for his birthday on the next post. He is really, really happy most of the time, quick witted, and very sweet and affectionate. He yells from another room..."mommy, I wuv you!" I cannot believe he is almost 3!! We are so grateful to have him and the celebration in our hearts is huge!